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Bruce King Reviewed by Bruce King
October 29, 2010

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I don't have direct experience with BamDeck, so I left my ratings neutral -- except for "Like it?", which I dropped a bit.


Because I know a fair amount about bamboo, as a structural material, as a plant, and as a commodity in the global market. I also know that bamboo has an undeserved mythic stature in green building: put in a bamboo floor and a couple of solar panels, and your house is green, right? No, not right. Not necessarily wrong, but very often not right.

Bamboo is a terrific building material, but to last outside it has to be protected, big time. An outdoor decking product can only be viable if infused with enough glue and/or preservative to survive for a while. The manufacturer says only that BamDeck is "fossilized" and has no urea formaldehyde, but I could find nothing more. I'd be delighted to get a detailed reply from the manufacturer here.

In general, imported bamboo can also be a problem because (for example) China is overharvesting the bamboo that makes panda habitat, and I don't want to kick the pandas out of their homes. There are FSC-certified bamboo products from Smith & Fong if you care about that.


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